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The human body has 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single fucking one of them


*laughs while actually getting feelings hurt*

— Anonymous: Do you have any goals or positive things to look forward to? What are they?

Yeah, I actually do

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what do you mean you can’t hang out i showered for this 

I actually thought a lot about this, so here’s my response.

wanna-get-experienced replied to your post “wanna-get-experienced replied to your post “Rant.” Maybe it’s not how…”

Yeah, I get that. And I guess I didn’t observe well enough but from what I saw I had assumed so I apologize. I think your blog is uplifting and real it’s just that how can you be pessimistic about your own life when your optimistic about others? Like you can’t give advice…

Oh, no! I don’t think it was your bad really at all, I wasn’t specific when I was saying anything. I just said that it was frequent posting, and not which kinds of posts, so how would you have known? No need to apologize at all! But I’m thinking that maybe your comment got cut off because it just ended with “how can you give advice…” hahaha. Easily! But I kind of cheat just a little, sometimes. Some of the advice I give is just what I put together from what I’ve been told in treatment so it’s not all totally original thoughts. Can’t take full credit for all of it, I must confess.

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wanna-get-experienced replied to your post “Rant.”

Maybe it’s not how much you post, but the content in your posts. Like your dream is to “touch” people through your tumblr, I believe you can do it but it just seems like the few posts of yours I have seen are full of complaints and pessimism. Idk, that’s just my take on it….

Yeah, that’s not really the way I see it to be honest, although I do post about things I struggle with in the hopes that anyone else who struggles with the same or even similar things can see that they aren’t alone and if they want to talk to someone about it who is also going through that, they know there is someone out there. But I know it has nothing to do with that because it’s literally every time even if it’s just a funny reblog of like…spongebob or something. It’s actually more often a reblog than a personal post, and those don’t involve me complaining at all? And neither really, if you read them, do all of my text posts. A lot of them are mixed, so I might be complaining about something, but happy about something else in the next paragraph, I try to make it as mixed as I can given my situation. But I’m also not gonna lie and pretend my life is butterflies and rainbows. And I definitely am, at least towards myself and my own life, more pessimistic than optimistic, but when it comes to other people & their lives & their potential I tend to be much more of an optimist than a pessimist. Which I guess there are a bunch of reasons for that, one being that they say we’re our own worst critics, so it’s easier for me to see progress that someone else made than my own, and easier for me to see their potential than mine, and easier for me to give them helpful advice, than to give it to myself. plus, i can give all the advice in the world, but then not be able to follow my own, i guess. i don’t know.

but the real answer to what you said is that i had considered that, but then when i looked at what actually happens, it’s actually less often that i lose a follower from a personal post than just from some gif or reblog or whatever it is. so i don’t really think that has too much to do with it. but ty, cause if i hadn’t investigated that it would definitely be something to look into.