Hannah. 24. I like cats, tea, Shakira, and Helena Bonham Carter. I care about pretty much everyone, in one way or another. Always love each other.


if you say you hate shakira you’re lying

or you just have really fucking bad taste.



Is bipolar the only mental health condition that people use as an insult or are there others?

"anorexic" too.  and "schizo"

and multiple personalities, and borderline, and pretty much a ton of others actually. so the answer to this is not at all.

Even after you ruined me for any other,
I cannot regret you. Even as I cleave
the flesh of wanting from the bone,
I hope the night sky is pretty
wherever you are. —Sincerely, Joanna, “Unrequited” (via bruisebouquet)


This post actually is so fucking accurate and hit me hard, holy fuck.