Hannah. 23. I like cats, tea, Shakira, and Helena Bonham Carter. I care about pretty much everyone, in one way or another. Always love each other.
— Anonymous: I'm sending you all of the love. You're wonderful and it will be okay. Hang in there.

thank you

come-closer-vasilisa: WE HAVE NOT TALKED IN A WHILE BUT YOU WERE IN MY DREAM LAST NIGHT. Why am I yelling.

good dream or bad dream?

these were of me earlier today, before my mom admitted that Milo is no longer able to keep down any food or water down. My face now is completely different, knowing we’re gonna give her tonight, and and some of tomorrow, and then probably have them come in and put her down. My little baby. Little little baby.

extraordinarytunes: I hope everything gets better. I can relate to your recent tragedy.

thank you

cutfits: i'm so sorry about milo and jeanette and i hope you feel better soon. i know deaths aren't easy to get over but you'll pull through, okay? have a great day, here's a clown smiley :o)

thanks sweetheart. i don’t know how i’ll get over this. you’re so kind for stopping by.

ijustkilledyourconfidence: Heyy I am truly attracted to your eyes 😜

wow thanks a ton!!!

— Anonymous: I love you

aww thanks anon ily2.