Hannah. 23. I like cats, tea, Shakira, and Helena Bonham Carter. I care about pretty much everyone, in one way or another. Always love each other.


Shakira y Milan en la revista “Semana” de esta semana (España).

i don’t understand a word but the love in her eyes with Milan is so beautiful. Everything about her is so beautiful.


i love this, it reminds me of something from the laundry service/fijacion oral era

If it weren’t because of my music projects I would be pregnant already. I would love to have eight or nine kids with Gerard — my own fútbol team. — Shakira for Latina Magazine.
I hate this feeling of not knowing what to do in life. —(via sensitizes)
ohsmush: Also I was trying to invite you over for Passover dinner, in case you guys weren't doing anything. I cooked a rib roast, potato pancakes, potatoes kugel, and a salad. I also bought Passover rainbow cookies and a Passover 7 layer cake. Its my first year cooking mostly alone and leading the seder, and I wanted you to be a part of it! :'(

Awww thnx bb! I’m currently heading home from the Seder we go to every year but I’m sure you did great! I txted you back to Jacobs phone but Idk what time or anything. It is so fuckin hard to communicate with you now that you don’t have a phone again. Are you gonna get a new one? Anyway text me or Tumblr me when you get this and let me know what time yinz are coming tmw and if you want me to keep say while you go or if you’re bringing her w you.


How is the algebra 2 going to help me on Bad Girls Club